Dance Dance North has a YouTube channel! Please check it out! It has over 100 subscribers.

We also have the Dance Dance North 2 channel.

Inventory types

YouTube is phasing out part of the excluded_ads functionality, where advertisers could opt out of specific topics. It will be succeeded by inventory types.

Video content Inventory type
Expanded Standard Limited
Prohibited content
Profanity in title, thumbnail, or repeated use in video
Nudity, bare chest, animal mating, or lewd thumbnails
Portraying the drug scene in a positive light
Content discussing terrorism, war, death, or tragedy
Light profanity (non-hateful, comedic, artistic)
Moderate profanity (non-hateful, comedic, art/music)
Strong profanity (comedy, docs, news, education)
Note: “Moderate profanity” can include “a music video with frequent profanity.”
Sexualized content
Light sexuality (romance, kissing, discussion)
Moderate sexuality (less clothes, suggestive, dance)
Strong sexuality (sex topics, acts, toys, with blur)
Note: “Moderate sexuality” can include “a music video containing sexual content.”
Drug references (humour, education, music)
Making, using, or offering drugs (music, comedy, news)
Hurtful language
Biased, demeaning or hateful speech (educational)