These locations no longer exist!


  • Arcade Planet‘s DDR Extreme is gone, much like the arcade itself.
  • Cineplex Barrhaven‘s DDR SuperNOVA was not repaired after its monitor broke down. 🔎🔎
  • Ciné-Starz Gatineau‘s OpenITG was pricey at $1.50 per player, but as the worst-rated Ottawa region machine, it wasn’t worth the price and it won’t be missed. A full review is available here.
  • Kidz Sports World is now out of business. Its In The Groove 2 machine will be missed, but Cineplex South Keys is one bus away and has a machine of their own.
  • DDR Kids at MidwayMidway‘s DDR Kids (50¢ for one player) was unique, allowing small kids to take baby steps before trying out the grown ups’ arcade machines. It was appropriately located in a section filled with many other games for young children.
  • Putting Edge‘s DDR Extreme was removed.
  • Scotiabank Theatre Ottawa‘s DDR SuperNOVA was one of the worst-rated machines in the Ottawa region. It replaced the Extreme cabinet, which replaced the MAX2 cabinet. The right pad did not work correctly, even after informing the staff to fix it. The left pad wasn’t perfect, but it worked fine for easier, non-boss songs. This is a trashy arcade. One of the F&F racers only displays red and black, like the Virtual Boy. Many games such as Guitar Hero Arcade and Mario Kart were trashed instead of getting fixed.