Closed: Rainbow Cinemas DDR Extreme

Rainbow Cinemas DDR Extreme

The discount movie theatre sadly axed what truly could make money: a nicely maintained DDR Extreme cabinet.

Dance Dance Revolution Extreme is a classic game which many longtime dancers have grown to love. This Rainbow Cinemas location at St. Laurent Shopping Centre was the last to be featured in an Ottawa mall (excluding Gatineau). Another DDR Extreme machine previously ruled the same mall: it was part of the awesome CyberDome arcade, which later became the deplorable Fun Junction. However, there were no problems with the Rainbow Cinemas location. This picture was taken on July 10, 2010 and brings back fond memories. i played there months or even years before this picture was taken, when school was out. Unfortunately, it is now gone and leaves St. Laurent without a dance machine for the first time. Hopefully they can bring one back! (Updated May 25, 2014)