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  •  • Amusement 2000 Plus
  •  • Le Forum

  •  • Le Forum 🌟
  •  • StarCité Montréal

  •  • Banque Scotia Montréal 🌟
  •  • Cineplex Kirkland
  •  • Cineplex Laval
  •  • Guzzo Marché Central
  •  • La Ronde (x2)

  •  • Cineplex Quart. Latin 🌟
  •  • Cineplex Brossard
  •  • Guzzo Lacordaire 16





  •  • Carie Factory

La Récréathèque also had DDR X and ITG 2. The arcade is now closed.

  • Myriam Salerno

    I went to Guzzo MegaPlex 18 in Greenfield Park (on Taschereau Blvd) yesterday, and they had Dance Dance Revolution!!
    I can’t remember exactly which one it was, but I’m almost pretty sure it was the Dance Dance Revolution Extreme.
    You can add that to your Montréal listing. 🙂

  • Saanix

    For quebec
    La Récréatheque is closed as far as I know, and the owner sold the cabs.
    There’s the Carie Factory which opened recently (https://www.cariefactory.com) and they have PIU Fiesta on freeplay (10.75 entry fee though).