Scene: earn more now on premium tickets, but rewards cost increasing on November 4

Cineplex Cinemas Lansdowne & VIPIn order to encourage theatre visits, Cineplex will offer more Scene points on premium tickets purchased for screenings on or after October 16, 2015. This is in addition to the 100 Scene points given out on all regular movie tickets. Premium movie formats such as IMAX, UltraAVX, D-BOX or 3D will earn a bonus 50 points. VIP movie tickets, for adults only, will instead earn a bonus 100 points.

There will be a price hike to redeem Scene points for premium movie tickets starting November 4, 2015. All non-VIP premium formats listed in the previous paragraph will require 1500 points to obtain a movie ticket. VIP will require 2000 points. In both cases, the redemption level remains at 1000 points until the end of November 3, 2015. Another deal available only for in-theatre redemption is the “Night Out” package. The price will remain as follows: the amount of Scene points required for two movie tickets, plus an additional 500 points. This offers two movie tickets plus a combo, which consists of two regular drinks and one regular popcorn.

Until October 16, earn-to-redeem ratios were generally 10 tickets purchased for one free ticket earned, or 25 tickets purchased for one free “Night Out” package earned. This will remain the case beginning November 4, provided that all movie tickets are in the same category (Standard, Premium or VIP). From October 16 to November 3 inclusively, however, the ratio will be lower for premium tickets. For example, only five VIP tickets will be needed for a free sixth VIP ticket, as long as all tickets are for shows played during this bonus period.