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This page serves two purposes: to add Canadian dance machine locations not currently available on this website, and to request that a former dance machine location reconsiders such a game in its facility. Please make sure to log in to your account before attempting to fill out either of these forms! Arcade employees are prohibited from filling out the forms on this page, as well as giving ratings to any location, but they may use the comments section on any page as long as they disclose their work location.

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  • GingerJesus

    I had mentioned this elsewhere here but just to cover bases, NEB’s Fun World in Oshawa Ontario will be getting a PIU Prime 2 machine in less than a month

  • Graeme Jacobs

    Burnaby BC: Extreme Air Park 14380 Triangle Rd, has a pump it up fiesta 2 cab, TX model. Pads are ok, although the steps don’t always register. It’s $2 a pop, which is kind of a rip off, since you need permission from the manager to get in without maying admission anyway. Not really worth going, unless you’re only playing 1 game. There is also a pump it up pro cab at 452 SW Marine Dr, Vancouver, BC V5X 0C3. Pads are actually pretty good. FX cab model. The panels are kinda deep, but it’s still very playable. Definitely worth visiting. $1 a pop. A DDR X cab at 951 Alderbridge Way #160, Richmond, BC V6X 2A4. Pads are very heavy, even 13s tire me out. Undersensitive, but not unplayable. There’s also another ITG2 cab at metrotown silvercity. The panels are slightly recessed, but are otherwise very very responsive. Fairly sensitive pads, $1 to play, with an ITG3 theme. There’s a very very crappy DDR Extreme cab in the aberdeen center food court mall 4151 Hazelbridge Way, Richmond, BC V6X 4J7. Don’t play it. There’s also another very poorly maintained Extreme cab at the CHQ at playland 2901 E Hastings St, Vancouver, BC V5K. Again, another extreme cab, but this time the pads don’t suck that much. Pads are actually pretty good on this one at Bridgeport cineplex theatre 14211 Entertainment Way, Richmond, BC V6W 1K4. This theatre is right next to extreme airpark. Those are all of the dance games I know of near and around Vancouver, but I’ve also got the locations of many other rhythm games, so if you’re interested, please message me.

    @urmomisaboss:disqus Do you want to collaborate to make an ultimate list of rhythm/dance game location around Vancouver?

    • Thanks for the help, Graeme and Boss! I’m aware that BC is a good spot for all sorts of games, like Gitadora and Pop’n, and of course DDR. I just haven’t done much in terms of machine listings in the recent months. I’m planning to update the site substantially by the end of the year. I’ll have some western listings, from Manitoba to BC, soon enough. Sorry for the delay and thanks for helping!

      • Graeme Jacobs

        Thank you so much for helping out! There are no good location sites other than this one when it comes to rhythm game locations. Zenius I Vanisher is outdated and nobody updates it, and all the other sites shut down years ago. Thank you for keeping the spirit of dance games alive 🙂

  • Urmom Isa Boss

    CHQ arcade- Metropolis at Metrotown, 4700 Kingsway, Burnaby, BC V5H 4N2- has a Dance Dance Revolution X3 2nd Mix cabinet. The machine is in perfect condition and costs $1 per 4 songs. WARNING: This arcade decided it was a great idea to put all the rhythm games together, so yeah… good luck with that lol. Best played in the weekdays when less people are frequenting the establishment. This location also has a In the Groove 2 machine that is in perfect condition and costs $1 per 3 games. This machine has also been modded with extra songs, from packs such as In the Groove 3. As mentioned before, this arcade is extremely loud, but this machine seems to be the loudest; beating out all the other rhythm games. Also, it’s always busy on the weekends, with people training and playing on it competitively. If you wanna see some amazing, expert players, this is the location for you.
    These are all of the dancing machines that I have been to in British Columbia so far. I hope this potentially helps those who need it 😀

    • Hello Boss! I have finally created the Vancouver page for Dance Dance Revolution! I’m sorry that it took so long. The results are here, and I’m redesigning the listings in time for 2018. Thanks for all the help so far. If you could please merge your comments into one with the Edit and Delete features, I would appreciate it. Please also read my response to Graeme, as I will be talking about suggestions for the Vancouver listings.

  • Urmom Isa Boss

    Strawberry Hills Cineplex- 12161 72 Ave, Surrey, BC V3W 2M1- has an In the Groove 2 machine that was just repaired,
    Fun World Playcentre- 15355 Fraser Hwy #102, Surrey, BC V3R 3P3- has a Dance Dance revolution Supernova 2 machine. Despite being in a children’s play centre, if you tell the people at the front gate that you’re there to play the machine, they’ll let you in without admission. Costs $1 per 4 songs, machine is in decent condition, but suffers from glare on the right side. This becomes almost unplayable if you’re stuck with the fog stage. Change the background feature in the options to darken it, if you need to play on that side. WARNING: If you don’t want children screaming and running around you when you’re playing, go on the weekdays, as next to no one is there, usually because of school.

  • Urmom Isa Boss

    Castle Fun Park- 36165 N Parallel Rd, Abbotsford, BC V3G 2K8- has an In the Groove 2 machine that is in fine condition. It’s upstairs near the Batman Racing Machine currently, and costs $0.90 per 3 songs. WARNING: This machine suffers from noise issues due to the games located beside it; only play when others are not near. Doubles are only 1 credit though! This location also has a Dance Dance Revolution Extreme arcade cabinet that costs $0.60 per 3 songs. It, thankfully, is isolated from other loud machines, but has panels that are on the fritz at times. The machine is playable, but your score may not be accurate.

  • Urmom Isa Boss

    Thought I’d post some machine locations in British Columbia here:

    Strawberry Hills Cineplex- 12161 72 Ave, Surrey, BC V3W 2M1- has an In the Groove 2 machine that was just repaired, and is working. It’s upstairs near the washrooms, and costs $1 per 3 songs.

    Landmark Cinemas- Guildford Town Centre, 15051 101 Ave, Surrey, BC V3R 7Z1- has an In the Groove 2 machine that is maintained. It’s at the back of the arcade section near the right currently, and costs $1 per either 3 or 4 songs (It may have recently changed).