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Here is an attempt to list all dance arcade machines located in Canada. Select the city closest to you to view the games available there. Please feel free to visit the Add new venue page to add any missing locations!



  • Per side: Good for one game with one player using four panels. Price must be paid twice for one player using eight panels, or two players using four panels each.
  • Per player: Good for one game with one player using four or eight panels. Price must be paid twice for two players using four panels each.
  • Per game: Good for one game of any type, whether it’s one player using four or eight panels, or two players using four panels each.


  • Top pick: These are the best! The machines are well maintained.
  • Decent: These machines have some setbacks, but are otherwise okay.
  • Butterfeet: These machines aren’t recommended due to the unpleasant atmosphere, the game itself being defective or even some safety concerns. Avoid them!
  • waffles

    Nice to see someone still interested in keeping this kind of data base updated.
    Not sure if you were aware of it but there is an ITG 2 dedicab at McArthur lanes in Vanier.

    It used to be OpenITG but I think the HDD was replaced, not sure what revision it’s running now but it only has ITG and ITG2 packs installed, no customs. Last time I check left pad wasn’t too bad but the left arrow on the right pad needed to be looked at, it would not trigger all the time.

    • LABcrab

      It’s my pleasure. It’s a great opportunity to encourage Canadians to stay fit! This is the main goal behind this website.

      The other day, i visited multiple locations to reevaluate them. Ciné-Starz is indeed a goner. Good riddance! Fun Junction is now Ottawa’s arcade with poorest maintenance. i updated its page on this site to reflect this. Honest Lawyer gave me a relief with a much better DDR Extreme experience. To wrap up the day, i visited the McArthur Bowling location you shared with me and have to say that i’m fairly impressed! The right arrow on the right pad was what gave me problems, but other than that, no issues! Only $1 per player! There were also friendly newbies there and i showed them the basics of ITG play.

      Whenever an issue arises at any arcade location, please don’t hesitate to contact its managers. Two of the top five game locations were very friendly and professional when responding to my concerns. This encourages me to keep visiting them.

      On the first of June, i plan to formally launch this website by promoting it online and IRL. Every arcade in this list will be notified on how to create an account for reviewing comments regarding their location. An app for Windows Phone is also in the works. i am hoping that enough people visit here before Canada Day. Thanks for stopping by! Hope we chat soon.