(Update: over 15 games!) Cineplex Lansdowne Xscape opens March 27, 2015!

Ottawa will receive its second Xscape arcade this Friday, March 27! It will open inside the Cineplex Cinemas and VIP Lansdowne location. Over 15 games have been confirmed, as shown in the video.

There is no word yet regarding active gaming like Dance Dance Revolution (DDR), but our friend Jordan did play a Flappy Bird redemption game during his visit there. The theatre will also introduce a premium, adults-only VIP experience for the first time in Ottawa.

Flappy Bird ArcadeXscape cards from Cineplex Cinemas Ottawa (née Coliseum) can be used at the Lansdowne version, and vice-versa. To get an idea of what Xscape games and prizes will be offered, check out our Doodle Jump Arcade review!

Flappy Bird picture via Twitter.com/JordanTeeth