Cineplex Lansdowne: no DDR! :(

With a total of 26 games, the Cineplex Lansdowne Xscape arcade is much smaller than Cineplex Ottawa (formerly Coliseum). The latter features 41 games, an improved selection of Xscape prizes and a better variety of arcade games.

Highlights at Lansdowne include Alpine Racer and Super Monkey Ball Ticket Blitz. Rough footage of both games played on opening day will be uploaded soon. Note that Ticket Blitz is not a full-featured, traditional arcade game. It costs $1.13 per play (or effectively 71¢/play when using a $40 Xscape card sold at $25) and limits gamers to 40 seconds of play in one level only. It dispenses digital tickets (once Lansdowne fixes this) valid for prizes, however, and there is a chance to play a bonus stage.

Other confirmed games at Cineplex Lansdowne:

  • Basketball
  • Smart Prize Time (crane)
  • Deal or No Deal
  • Pop It & Win
  • Monster Drop
  • X Prize
  • Dynamo Fire Storm (air hockey)
  • Road Trip’n
  • Crank It Revolution
  • Monster Crane