Pump It Up

Unless otherwise indicated, all machines are running Pump It Up Prime 2. Arcades can pay for an update to Pump It Up XX (20th Anniversary).



  • The Rec Room (Calgary Deerfoot)
  • The Rec Room (South Edmonton Commons)
  • The Rec Room (West Edmonton Mall)

Niagara Falls

  • Great Canadian Midway


  • Amusement 2000 Plus (Montréal)
  • Carie Factory (Québec, 2011 Fiesta EX)
  • Le Forum GamesCentre (Montréal)


  • Dave & Busters Oakville (2015 Prime)
  • Dave & Busters Vaughan (2015 Prime)
  • Nations Experience (two PIU)
  • NEB’s Fun World
  • Playdium (2017 Prime 2 and 2015 Prime)
  • The Rec Room (Toronto and London)


  • Cineplex Cinemas Marine & VIP (PIU PRO)
  • Extreme Air Park (2013 Fiesta 2)

Cabinet Comparison

There are many types of Pump It Up cabinets, all which use two-letter names. Early releases (SD, SX, DX and GX) use CRT monitors, while newer releases (FX, TX, CX and LX) use LCD monitors.

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  • GingerJesus

    NEB’s Fun World in Oshawa Ontario (Durham Region just outside of the Greater Toronto Area) is getting a Pump It Up Prime 2 in a month. It has been purchased and is awaiting arrival.

    • 2014 nick losre

      Wait, do you work there or what? I emailed them about this a while ago and they said something about summer, and an Arcade expansion…

      • GingerJesus

        Sorry for the late reply, yeah I work there and the initial plan was for the summer but he had an opportunity to get one early so he jumped on it. So I am trying to get the word out in preparation for it’s arrival.

        • 2014 nick losre

          Alright, cool! Tell me when it arrives, I’ve been waiting forever for a local PIU cab.

        • Will they update to XX?