The first work of a memorable arcade game.
Because of the novelty of the style of playing with feet,
it quickly gained popularity and became a social phenomenon.

Dance compilation album
tie-up with “Dancemania”
recorded music is mainly Western music.’s “Butterfly” was advertised on TV,
becoming one of the most recognized songs.
It was made in consideration of the game.
Other songs achieved popularity, too.

1998/11 DanceDanceRevolution Internet Ranking Version

The song count doubled, and play options like HIDDEN
and others were added. Also new was STEP BATTLE,
a “follow the leader” battle game with three exclusive songs.

The 1stMIX original song “PARANOiA”
received a sequel, “PARANOiA MAX
~DIRTY MIX~” under certain conditions.
Meeting that criteria was quite a difficult task.
Amusement centres found it
to be very entertaining.

30 new songs! Assuming you want to play 4 songs,
you can play NONSTOP mode, 2 people can cooperate
in UNISON mode, lyrics mode, etc. were added.

Many new songs were added, and the song
variety was greatly improved.
A derivative work of “Dancemania”
(“Dancemania Speed” series) was introduced,
and the music attracted high attention.
Also popular were the original songs
and general content that was done.

It appeared with over 120 songs to play.
Music selection adopted a system based on genre
and Link Mode for PS1 memory cards was also enhanced.

Dance remixes of many recordings
of famous songs. Also, much of the music
brought NAOKI to mind!? Songs from the
Dancing Stage (JP) and Solo series were added.
Also, 4thMix had a high affinity for songs
from the beatmania IIDX series, where
they were originally recorded.

In addition to the first long version songs of the series,
songs from the mainstream were also included.
Music that stops halfway also made its debut here.

Many J-POP covers were included.
Familiar music was reshaped.
Many were surprised by the reincarnation,
I guess. Also, this is the first DDR to feature
music from an audition performance.
There was also a remix of “PARANOiA”
called “PARANOiA ETERNAL”, and a
female vocal group, BeForU, was born.

A new arrow to hold down after stepping on it once,
the Freeze Arrow, finally makes its first appearance!
The speed of steps can also be set as an option.

There is traditional dance music
and also, as it was in style at the time,
recordings of trance music.
A new boss song, to succeed “PARANOiA”,
was produced: the phenomenal “MAX 300”.
There were many difficulty levels,
even experienced players have struggled.
What a strong challenge!

The predetermined order of song appearance
and a variety of difficulty in this time attack mode,
Challenge (Oni/Demon) is introduced for the first time.

During the same period,
beatmania IIDX 7th style and DDRMAX2
were developed. Due to the timing,
these games were at their peak,
and difficulty became a big topic.
Also, some songs were exclusive
to Oni mode. For this mode,
many song remixes were prepared.

From Dancemania and other BEMANI titles,
popular songs are gathered for a total of over 240.
This work can be said to be a culmination of DDR so far.

Some songs recorded
for beatmania IIDX
were rearranged for DDR.
The line-up of songs from both series
is said to be at its peak, the best,
and many players to this day
keep supporting this iteration.

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