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Dance Dance Revolution X, commonly abbreviated to DDR X, is an arcade and video game by Konami. The arcade version was launched in July 2008, while the PlayStation 2 version was released on September 16, 2008 in USA and January 29, 2009 in Japan.

Although created for the 10th anniversary of Dance Dance Revolution, Konami failed to deliver quality pads in North America. This is because its regional distributor Betson and the manufacturer Raw Thrills built poor quality pads for this market, to the point that several affordable home pads perform better quality. Cineplex is inconsistent as far as pad maintenance goes: CrossIron Mills is well taken care of, but Scotiabank Theatre Toronto is neglected. Other arcades, such as E-Spot’s Richmond location in Greater Vancouver, combine the new game with better quality legacy hardware.


Dance Dance Revolution X2 is the only sequel released in North America. Only one location is known to exist in Canada. The pads in North America are of slightly better quality compared to DDR X, but still require more routine maintenance compared to pre-X pads.

Dance Dance Revolution X3 was only released in Japan. Only one location, consisting of a Japanese upgrade kit in a pre-X machine, is known to exist in Canada.



Location 📷 🎬 🌎 📺 🔊 🎁 💰
SilverCity CrossIron Mills 📌 👍 👍 👍 👍 ? 132¢ 👍



Location 📷 🎬 🌎 📺 🔊 🎁 💰
Funhaven (DDR X2) 🔎
📌 👍 👍 😐 👍 👫 100¢ 👍



Location 📷 🎬 🌎 📺 🔊 🎁 💰
La Récréathèque 🔎
📌 👍 👍 😐 😐 ? 😐



Location 📷 🎬 🌎 📺 🔊 🎁 💰
Dave & Buster’s Oakville (DDR A) 👍
Scotiabank Theatre 🔎
📌 👍 😐 👎 👎 134¢ 👎



Location 📷 🎬 🌎 📺 🔊 🎁 💰
CHQ (DDR X3) 📌 👍 👍 👍 👍 ? 100¢ 👍
E-Spot Richmond 📌 👍 👍 👍 👍 ? 100¢ 👍
Game Zone 📌 👍 👍 👍 👍 ? 50¢ 👍
  • Graeme Jacobs

    Just as an update: there is no longer an X cab in Game Zone. It got bomed to E-Spot Richmond I believe. Instead, there is now a very very crappy and old Extreme cab in its place haha. More extreme, more garbage!

    • Hi Graeme! Well, some fans swear by Extreme! At least three players (most were online, not local) were disappointed when I upgraded Fun Junction’s DDR Extreme to DDR SuperNOVA 2. I believe that the public at large, though, prefers the SuperNOVA series. Personally, unless I need one of 64 dropped Extreme songs (almost all licenses), my SuperNOVA 2 upgraded machines are my go-to games. If needed, I can pop in a System 573 for older mixes.

      Which mix do you like best? Do you like oldies from Extreme, or even an older mix? How about SuperNOVA, X (soundtrack), X2 or A? I’d love to know.

      For Extreme to be in a poor condition, the arcade neglected it. It’s sad this happened in Vancouver. Xscape in Ottawa is also guilty. Player 2 stinks!

      I am revamping the site this summer for ease of use. It will take time to reach each game and region. Thank you for your time. Take care. 🙂

      • Graeme Jacobs

        Hey again Alex. Sorry about my biased comment against DDR Extreme. The only reason I’ve had negative thoughts against extreme is because no arcade I’ve gone to maintains their cabs unfortunately :(. I have however recently played on a well maintained extreme cab in Portland Oregon, and it was a very good time.

        Anyway, as for my favourite mix, I like DDR A, X3 and Supernova 2 in that order. The reason why I like these mixes is because each of them brought in some big changes to the game. SN2 brought the marvellous timing window to normal play, X3 brought the cover flow song selection as well as many great songs, and ace finally incorporated millisecond timing, as well as a sound voltex-like son navigation.

        I look forward to seeing your new design for the website, cya in a bit!

        • Dance Dance North

          Hi Graeme! I know this is an old comment, but I wanted to chime in. I agree with you, DDR Extreme was once great and popular, but got a bad rap after many (maybe most) arcades failed to keep proper maintenance. Cabinets were cheap, bootleg kits were abundant, and many arcades deemed Extreme as the “best game” just for most songs. Genuine mixes (sometimes good ones like MAX2, 5th, 4th or especially 4th Plus) were wiped for only a little more future-proofing. The worst bootlegs were Megamix, Extreme Plus and Namco.

          SuperNOVA offered a genuine upgrade kit, but few bothered with it. Most kept their bootleg Extreme.

          While this is sad, I have since become familiar with upgrading older models (DDR Extreme or older) to DDR SuperNOVA 2. I upgraded my machine in October 2016, and Fun Junction in May 2017. The crowds love it! Of course, I could always revert mine to older mixes (3rdMix, DSEM2, Extreme, etc.) if I so choose.

          For my favourite mixes, that’s tough. For now, I would choose the following, with my favourite mix first:
          • DDR A: A proper worldwide game with 773 songs, e-Amusement, and North America’s second best-seller.
          • DDR SuperNOVA 2: Sales were limited, but it packs 357 songs, and its interface improves on SuperNOVA.
          • DDR 4thMix Plus: It offered 150 songs, English localization, and it was sold in a budget “Solo” version.
          • DDRMAX2: It had 135 songs, only missing five from MAX. Freeze Arrow, unlocks, and Challenge mode!
          • DDR X2: Cover Flow, 442 songs, and a world release. Wreck-It Ralph! It fixed some X issues, but not all.

          The site will be changing a lot this year. The main focus will be games, especially the newer ones (DDR A, DDR A20, PIU Prime and PIU XX), while location listings will change significantly. It’s been nice hearing from you. Take care, and talk to you later! ^_^

        • Dance Dance North

          Sorry for my redundant third paragraph. I just realized it after editing.