(Update: 50¢/game or less on Thursday!) FunHaven price hike

Lecteur de cartes chez FunHaven

The FunHaven amusement park, among the best locations for DDR in Ottawa, raised its prices.

In the past, the price was only $1 per player, but now, it costs $1.25 per player. This increase also affects Guitar Hero Arcade, Fast & Furious Super Cars, Super Bikes 2 and many other games.

For a lower price, one can purchase bulk credits. Bonuses remain the same: $2 per $20 reload, $7 per $50 reload, or $20 per $100 reload. The old price of $1 per player was effectively lowered to 91¢, 88¢ and 84¢ respectively when purchasing bulk credits. These prices are now $1.14, $1.10 and $1.05 respectively.

Let’s hope that the arcade continues to maintain its DDR machine properly and, we can only hope, with occasional discounts.

Update on March 23, 2015 at 21h: FunHaven recently introduced a promotion on Thursday nights, which offers games like DDR and more at half price from 17h to 21h! This lowers the regular price of $1.25 to a low 62½¢, undercutting competitor Xscape and its DDR Extreme machine. The bulk pricing of $1.14, $1.10 and $1.05 is slashed in half to 57¢, 55¢ and 52½¢. This is not only the lowest price for DDR in Ottawa, but this price is per player and thus also valid for eight-panel single-player games.

There was a software glitch on FunHaven’s DDR X2. It made the speed modifiers randomly change, such as from 2X to 1X or from 2X to 6½X. These changes happened before the song starts or while dancing. A technician fixed this.

Update in December 2015: The price hike has been cancelled around mid-2015.