Dance Dance Revolution Extreme

Gamers worldwide love DDR Extreme!

240 Songs!

This includes 80 songs from DDRMAX and DDRMAX2,

17 songs from 5thMix, 63 songs from older mixes, and more.

80 New Songs!

60 Konami Originals (with three from DS EuroMix 2),

nine licenses, and 11 all-digital Club Version songs.

Nonstop, Challenge and Marvelous!

Play a course of four to nine songs without a break!

The best Course players are Marvelous!

... and much more!





Dave & Buster's

Dance Dance Revolution A
Pump It Up Prime or XX



Round1 USA

DDR A20 coming soon!
💛 means the game is here!
DDR A at select locations
PIU XX and Dance Rush



Dance Dance Revolution A
Game Underground  (MA)
NYC Chinatown Fair