Here are some deals for Dance Dance Revolution in Ottawa!


Cinescape: $20 for 25 games!

Purchasing $20 in tokens (tax included) offers $25 in credits for the arcade. That’s enough credit to play In The Groove 2 or OpenITG 25 times, or DDR SuperNova 18 times! This works out to 80¢ per ITG game and $1.11 per SuperNova game, respectively. It cannot be combined with gift card promos because token dispensers only accept cash.

Xscape: $28.25 to play up to 40 times!

Purchasing a $25 Xscape card ($28.25 after Ontario HST) offers $40 in credits for the arcade. That’s enough credit to play up to 40 rounds of DDR Extreme in Ottawa, up to 32 rounds of In The Groove 2 in Toronto or up to 20 rounds of ITG2 in Sault Ste. Marie! This promotion also offers 200 Scene points, worth about $2, with the $25 card purchase. The card is available at any Xscape location, but only some have a dance machine. It can be combined with a few other Cineplex deals, such as gift card promotions, for even more savings.


Game Your Way Thursdays: DDR plays as low as 52¢!

From 17h to 21h on every Thursday, FunHaven has a half price promotion for all: prize (redemption) games, arcade games, sports games, simulators, mini-bowling and Laser Frenzy. This lowers the cost of a DDR round to only 62¢ per player! One-player games can be played with four or eight panels at the same price. The cost can be further lowered to 52¢ per player by purchasing $120 in credits for $100.

Infants and toddlers (under four) play free!

This is not a DDR promo, but it is a great way to find free activities for any child below the age of four. Parents and caretakers can play in the jungle gym, Ballocity (softball battle) and toddler play area for free with their kids!