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From independent locations to chains, deals are plentiful!
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Dave & Buster's

The Rec Room


  • Funhaven Daily Deals
    (Every day is savings day!)
  • Cinescape $20 Best Value
    (15 bonus credits: $5 value!)
  • Cinescape $10 with Bonus
    (5 bonus credits: $1.67 value!)
  • Save on nights out!

Cinescape Credits at Landmark Cinemas

Several Landmark Cinemas locations feature Player One Amusement Group (P1AG) as the arcade provider.
As a result, Cinescape credits are sold and accepted at the same price at the following locations:

  • Kanata
  • Orleans
    (formerly an independent arcade)
  • Calgary
    (Country Hills)
  • Edmonton

Credits purchased at Cinescape arcades can be used at these Landmark locations, and vice-versa.
Credits are returned to P1AG in either case. Please note, this is not an exhaustive list.

More Deals On The Way

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