Closed: Ciné-Starz Gatineau OpenITG

Ciné-Starz ITG2 square

Goodbye, OpenITG turned into a Deathstar. Don’t let the door hit you on your way out!

OpenITG is an open source video game which can be customized to machine maintainers’ preferences. This Ciné-Starz location was the worst dance arcade machine in the Ottawa region! This machine’s mixed bag of added songs would be forgivable if they could fix the left pad’s self-triggering right arrow. This is frustrating, as it makes dancers miss such steps very often, potentially breaking combos. The right pad is the worst because it is not level to the floor. Moving it around and even putting the arcade’s cloth underneath, as the picture shows, barely helps. The pads physically move and vibrate while the machine is played, making it unsafe. The girl who challenged me to a dance duel was a great expert, but it makes me wish she could find a better arcade. Thankfully, it’s now closed and will not be missed. Those seeking a good time with ITG2 in the Gatineau region should consider StarCité instead.