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Pacific Mall arcade axed, gamers feel betrayed

June is the month of one change after another for Cineplex, and some of these cause gamers to frown upon the company.

Cineplex VIP Cinemas: worth the cover charge?

As I prepare my Cineplex Cinemas Lansdowne & VIP review, I have one main question: is the VIP cover charge worth it?

Scotiabank Theatre Ottawa and Winnipeg, formerly SilverCity

Update on June 6, 2016: Last week, Cineplex announced that two former SilverCity locations will now become Scotiabank Theatres this summer.

Scotiabank Theatre locations

In The Groove★☆☆☆☆ (Toronto) DDR Extreme★★★★★ (Montréal) DDR SuperNOVA★★☆☆☆ (Ottawa)

Memory card readers coming soon!

Update on April 6, 2016: Cineplex Ottawa turned down the card reader. I’m offering this opportunity to seven more arcades in Ontario and Québec..