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DDR USA Pump It Up
Pump It Up
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Amusement 2000+ offers a mostly respectable arcade experience!

Dance Dance Revolution USA

Dance Dance Revolution USA is the sequel to the North American release of the first DDR game. As the title implies, it was exclusively available in the United States, though a few units did cross the border to Canada. The cabinet at Amusement 2000+ has a new monitor to replace the older faulty one. Both pads are in splendid condition and can be used to pass the toughest songs. Out of order during my last visit. is now sold and no longer available at the arcade. 🙁

Pump It Up Prime

Pump It Up Prime is the 14th international release of the Pump It Up series. This cabinet is well taken care of, with perfect detection of steps. It is very popular

DrumMania 8thMix

DrumMania 8thMix is a drumming video game made by Konami. The DrumMania series, also known as PercussionFreaks in anglophone markets, debuted on July 10, 1999. The 8thMix installment was released on April 2, 2003. Though the marquee on this machine read DrumMania 9thMix, it was actually PercussionFreaks 8thMix (the anglicized version of DrumMania) that was running on this machine, as evidenced by the title screen and song selection.

I was only able to play the game in beginner mode due to my limited drumming skills compared to Lauren Barlow, Jen Ledger and other professional drummers. Nevertheless, I scored a full combo by playing the game in February 2016, as can be seen in the video above. I highly recommend this game, but Amusement 2000+ should replace the monitor with a newer one. Just like DDR USA at this arcade, this DrumMania machine had a bad monitor that failed to display colours properly, though the notes can still be seen quite clearly. Also, please make sure that you can hear the volume well while playing the game.

This game is no longer available for play at Amusement 2000 Plus. The machine has been removed.

Guitar Hero Arcade

Guitar Hero Arcade has not been reviewed yet at this location due to a lack of time. It should be noted that one of the two guitar controllers is broken, so a sign advises players to only choose single player mode.

Other noteworthy games

Amusement 2000+ puts an emphasis on multiplayer racing with four-player setups of Mario Kart Arcade GP DX and Winter X Games SnoCross.