Nintendo 3DS

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The YouTube app on the Nintendo 3DS features Google’s own implementation of the WebKit
rendering engine. It is separate from the 3DS web browser, which also uses WebKit, but is
designed by NetFront. (Systems with “New” in the title have superiore web browsers.)

The user agent string used in the YouTube app is as follows:

Mozilla/5.0 (Nintendo 3DS; U; en-CA; Factory Media Production) Version/1.7498.US

Note: this is the user agent for Canada in English. Other regions and languages are available.

Nintendo Video

The Nintendo eShop on Nintendo 3DS consoles features over 150 free 3D videos from top series like
Dinosaur Office, Shaun the Sheep, WWE Slam City and many more. Dance Dance North has improved
the Wikipedia article on Nintendo Video to list the dozen of video series currently available.