2015 site and video stats

This is a collection of statistics for the Dance Dance North site in 2015.


In 2015, the site greeted 1 903 unique visitors! These visitors have viewed pages 3 735 times throughout the year. Fun stats about the top arcades, top months, top countries and top videos are available by clicking the “Read more” link below.

Top arcades

These are the 14 most visited arcade pages. Half of these are for locations with the In The Groove game. Two arcades are tied for third place and three are tied for tenth place. Note that this refers only to visits on full articles that specifically concern each arcade, not for views while on the home page or regional summary pages.

  1. Fun Junction (76 hits)
    with DDR Extreme
  2. Cineplex Cinemas Lansdowne & VIP (75 hits)
    with no dance game
  3. Midway Family Fun Park and SilverCity Gloucester (61 hits each)
    with In The Groove and DDR SuperNOVA respectively
  4. Cineplex Cinemas (formerly Coliseum) locations (59 hits collectively)
    with In The Groove at Scarborough and DDR Extreme at the three other locations
  5. FunHaven (55 hits)
    with DDR X2
  6. StarCité Gatineau (48 hits)
    with In The Groove
  7. Playdium (47 hits)
    with DDR Extreme and Pump It Up
  8. Cineplex Barrhaven (34 hits)
    with DDR SuperNOVA
  9. McArthur Bowling (32 hits)
    with In The Groove
  10. Cineplex South Keys, Merivale Bowling and Amusement 2000+ (26 hits each)
    with In The Groove
Top months

These are the top 5 months with the most page hits. The hits count is in parentheses next to the month.

  1. July (377)
  2. October (359)
  3. September (356)
  4. November (352)
  5. January (340)
Top countries

These are the 10 countries that accounted for the most page views. Combined, they account for 92.31% of the total page views.

  1. Canada (55.82%)
  2. USA (24.47%)
  3. Brazil (5.92%)
  4. Russia (1.42%)
  5. France (1.18%)
  6. Italy (1.15%)
  7. UK (0.80%)
  8. Netherlands (0.64%)
  9. Mexico (0.48%)
  10. Chile (0.43%)

Top videos

A total of 86 minutes and 17 seconds of gaming footage was uploaded on Dance Dance North’s YouTube channel in 2015, which is about 3.75 times more than the 23 minutes of gaming footage uploaded in 2014. There were 2 038 video views in 2015, compared to just 139 in 2014. Of the views in 2015, there are 330 (or nearly one in six) that represent a dance game: DDR Extreme (59), DDR SuperNOVA (49), DDR X (195), DDR X2 (4) and In The Groove (23).

For non-dance games, Alpine Racer 2 (now discontinued at StarCité Gatineau) was the most viewed game on the channel with 117 views. 70% of these views come from YouTube searches, and 66 of these 82 views come from searching specifically for Alpine Racer. Dead Heat reaches a close second place with 102 views, with just over half (53 views) of these being a result of searching specifically for Dead Heat.

These are the ten most watched videos based on the amount of views during 2015, listed between parentheses. Two videos are tied for sixth place.

  1. Cineplex Lansdowne: confirmed arcade games! (426)
  2. Pepsi Spire: machine with 43 soda choices! (363)
  3. Landmark Cinemas Kanata arcade review (266)
  4. Landmark Cinemas Orléans arcade review (145)
  5. Alpine Racer 2 at/chez StarCité Gatineau (critique) (117)
  6. Dead Heat (version with reduced features) — mediocre and DDR X at Scotiabank Theatre Toronto summary (102 each)
  7. Cineplex Lansdowne Xscape arcade footage (92)
  8. Midway Bowling Blues (64)
  9. Welcome to DanceDanceRevolution.ca ! (55)
Thanks to all enthusiastic supporters!

It’s great to have such a passionate team that loves active video games. Here’s looking forward to increasing the awareness about such games throughout 2016! ^_^