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DDN Archives is an ongoing project to list information about historical venues for dance games in Canada. The goal is to encourage more venues to include dance games with proper maintenance, allowing more Canadians to enjoy this fun activity.

Fun Junction

Fun Junction was a family-owned entertainment centre. It was announced in June 2003 and opened by December 2004 in Ottawa, featuring many arcade games and attractions from the former CyberDome located at the nearby St. Laurent Shopping Centre.

On March 2, 2012, the centre moved to a smaller location in Gatineau, near Lac Beauchamp and the Labrosse terminus. It kept one of the two DDR Extreme machines, PercussionFreaks 9thMix and other games. In 2017, the game selection was refreshed. DDR Extreme was upgraded to DDR SuperNOVA 2. While PercussionFreaks was removed, OutRun 2 and other games filled the gap.

The family entertainment centre was last open to the public on December 19, 2021 under Qu├ębec's "vaccine passport" system, or August 29, 2021 without the system. Sadly, the centre did not reopen in 2022, as the owners have retired.

Note: Fun Junction in Ottawa-Gatineau is unrelated to Fun Junction venues in the United States, including New York, Colorado, and Georgia. It is also unrelated to Cineplex Junxion, which sadly is missing some fun activities, like a dance machine.

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